A Special Request from Pastor Joe:

Pakistan Food Pantry

Many of you have been diligent in serving our neighbors in need. I am grateful for your generosity. Now, we have been asked to support our brothers and sisters in Pakistan while we continue to meet the needs of our local community. Please read the message from my friend, Nadeem Khokar and give as you are able to our family of faith in Pakistan. Maybe your Sunday School class or Small Group will step up to the challenge and sponsor a family for $55. You can send your gift directly to Crenshaw UMC as directed below or give to Thalia UMC and designate your gift “Pakistan Food Pantry” and we will send it where it needs to go. Thank you!

Like the rest of the world COVID-19 has resulted total lock-down in Pakistan, leaving hundreds of thousands of people (who were already living below the poverty line) out of work; majority of these were already living below the poverty line. Their children get to eat only if they get work every day. Pakistan Government is compensating but only a little bit and not everyone has access to that. Some non-profits are working as well donating food yet the need is so great compared to these resources and efforts. Religious groups and organizations are supplying food but only to those who belong to their religious groups. All this leaves a big number of poor Christians without help. Especially the brick-makers, construction and sanitary workers, restaurants and hotel staff and other labor class are suffering from this situation the most. Hundreds of children and adults alike are waiting help to arrive.

The area that we are focusing in three cities of Pakistan (Lahore, Faisalabad and Raiwind) has 633 families who need immediate help. I, with my personal and limited resources, have distributed food items to 35 families on April 9th, 2020 (a couple of pictures are attached). Each package contained rice, flour, cooking oil, sugar, beans, some vegetables, soap and other basic hygiene items and was enough for two weeks. 598 families are still waiting for food. The need has escalated as the lock-down has extended until April 30th.

I fully understand the local need as our nation is going through an unprecedented crisis at the moment and need its resources meet the local need. However, I and my family are helping our local community here in the US, as well as people in Pakistan. It is indeed a time to practice generosity even more sacrificially to save lives, both from the COVID-19, and, hunger. In addition to our regular family tithing to the church, and financial contribution to to help with the local community needs, we are also giving away 10% of our stimulus pay check towards helping the local community. While, we as a family, and, a church prioritizing the local needs, we are also considering meeting needs our Christian brothers and sisters in other parts of the world.

My request to you is to prayerfully consider adopting families, as many as possible, to provide food for. In addition to 35 families my family provided for (total cost was $2060 which included $135 transportation cost) we are adopting another 20.

Total families: 633
Cost of two weeks ration per family: $55.00
Total cost: $34,815.00 + $500-700 Transportation expenses
Total families adopted: 50
Total families left: 583

Checks can be made to Crenshaw United Methodist Church with the “Pakistani Christian COVID-19 Relief Fund” in the memo line.

Thank you for your consideration.

Rev. Nadeem Khokhar, Pastor

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