Put very simply, we believe in the God made known through Jesus Christ. We believe God loves everything he created, even though we humans took for granted our free will. Free will is something God gave us as a result of his pure love for us so that we may truly and freely love God in return. God proves his love for us in that even though we are responsible for the mess we are in, he sent his Son Jesus, the one we believe is both God and human, to heal us by taking our wounds upon himself on the cross when he did not deserve them.

We believe God loves everything He created

By the Spirit of the one who raised Christ from the dead, our church exists to function as the physical body of Christ in the world today to share his healing with the broken. None of us are perfect, so we don’t expect anyone who joins us to be perfect either. However, believe we are going on to learn from Christ how to love God and each other perfectly. We know this one God to be Triune, which is why you may hear Christians pray, “in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.” The Trinity sounds confusing, because it is a holy mystery.

None of us are perfect, so we don’t expect anyone who joins us to be perfect either.

Nonetheless, it is the mystery of God being both one substance in three persons AND three persons in one essence that gives ultimate meaning to who we are as children of the Holy Triune God. Our prayer is for you to join us as we discover how we know, love, understand, and serve this holy and mysterious God in the world through the church today.

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